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Thanks for visiting my website. My passion for creating health, as a professional Intuitive fitness and holistic nutrition coach, has kept me working and evolving within the industry for 7 years. Creating health is not only about losing weight. It's about developing an understanding of how we have arrived where we are, in order to define where we want to go. That path of understanding is found through courageously confronting raw truths alongside an authentic coach; boldly breaking through limitations to transform your mind and body. As you begin the journey toward the changes you hope for and the goals you have set to achieve; I can provide you with honest and individualized fitness and nutrition guidance every step of the way. It is my personal goal to break cycles, create change, and provide education and support for long-term success.

I also offer Meditations to facilitate connection to self on a deeper level. Some meditations involve Reiki Energy Healing, Sound Vibrations from Tibetan Sound Bowls and Gongs. I am currently obtaining my Kundalini Yoga teacher certification as taught by Yogi Bhajan master of Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Ayurvedic Healing.  I am passionately working to educate and merge the technologies with Kundalini Yoga, Energy Healing, the technology of Sound healing with Movement and Nutrition to create an overall fit body on the physical, mental, and energetic level. 

Privet and group sessions for all modalities are avalible.


Fitness and Nutrition

Expert guidance for your fitness and nutrition needs

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Mudra Meditation

Meditation Class with Reiki Energy, Gongs, and Sound Bowls

Connect, Release, Rejuvenate & Heal

Sound Bowl Immersion Sessions

The tones of the Sound Bowls allow you to relax into a meditative state, giving your body a chance to heal and restore.

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Reiki Energy Healin

Usui/ Holy fire II/ Oden Reiki Practicioner



I didn’t realize how much I was missing nutritionally until I met with Jackie. We talked for over an hour and a half on the importance of being nutritionally and emotionally balanced. She was able to help me focus on what MY body needed based on my specific conditions and ailments. Most importantly Jackie didn’t make me feel stupid and helped guide me in the making the right directions without pressure. She also didn’t ridicule or judge me when I made less then great ones. I can’t thank her enough to opening my eyes to happier and healthier way of life!


I have trained with many trainers throughout the years and I have competed in a fitness competition. The other trainers pushed me, but not in the best interest of me and my health. I encountered injuries that I wasn't guided to proper healing or rest. Jackie not only guided me to reach my health goals and physical goals but my mental and spiritual goals. Mind, body, soul. Her skills and knowledge led me to achieving my goals and healing old injuries, and I can now move without pain and have learned more about what I thought I already knew. When your frustrated to tears she stays patient and listens to YOU. She doesn't just make you train how the industry tells her she should train you. She trains you in a way that's best for YOU, and you will get the results! Thanks Jackie for your guidance.

Jen A.

Jackie has been my personal trainer since June 2017. My initial intentions were simply to lose weight, however, it had evolved into much more. She's taught me a lot about establishing healthy eating habits, weight training and cardio. Our sessions are always fun yet at the same time challenging. I've had other personal trainers who were okay, but Jackie is by far the most caring and involved trainer of them all. She continues to go above and beyond!! Definitely would recommend her to family and friends!!!

Erica S.

Jackie was introduced to my daughter and I back in 2016. We began working out with Jackie twice a week. My daughter and I always had a blast working out with Jax's. Jackie was even nice to meet me at the store where I grocery shop at to show me better selections of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. I once lost 85 lbs and due to life's circumstances I gained it all back. I am now back on my journey to losing weight, while including my kiddo in our this journey. I want us to lose it together. Thanks for all the laughs, nutrition lessons and serious workouts (especially boot camp).

Megan & Imani

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