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Jackie McDuffey

From tackling personal Goals to reaching important milestones, my job is to guide you on the path of success. 

I began my certified personal training career seven years ago, with a diverse clientele; not one could be described as a "typical client". Each came with extenuating circumstances; physically and nutritionally. Thus, I learned very quickly that no one program would fit multiple clients. Later, I began to notice the deep connections between the emotional state of my clients and  their subsequent workouts and nutritional habits.  Unchecked emotions were manifesting as chronic pains and being overlooked. It is my hope for my clients to bring personal awareness to the areas in need of change, and to help support them in overall mental and physical health; looking good, feeling good, and losing weight is just a side effect of becoming healthy.

I’m fueled by the belief that each person is an individual; therefore, each client deserves individualized planning and education. I pride myself on going the extra mile by:  understanding my client as a unique body, utilizing knowledge from different health and nutritional concepts and frameworks, and advancing personal-training in line with the energy systems in the body. Understanding and employing these concepts I am able to help my clients transform their bodies inside and out.

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