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Sound Bowl Sessions

Calming, Relaxing, Restoring


Sound Bowl Immersions provide easy-access to the wonderful wellness experience of calm, restorative relaxation. The physical, mental and emotional benefits of transitioning one's holistic body into states of deep relaxation, similar to a meditative state, is that the body naturally releases stress and tension when vibrating in in a state of energetic balance.

Himalayan bowls were hand-crafted in the ancient tradition of forging and hammering seven different metals to shape and tone each healing-grade bowl. When the bowl is toned & activated, each different metal vibrates at a slightly different frequency. My specialty is to orchestrate a deep relaxation protocol that surrounds a comfortable receiver with a specific arrangement of bowls. The beautiful tones begin to soothe the mind's non-stop data-processing dialogue and a gently guided breathing tempo awakens the body's cellular, molecular and energetic frequencies. I promise that any willing participant will experience a glimpse into deeply relaxing states of vibrational alignment and balance.

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